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Foot soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Callus removal,   Akzentz or Magic  Gel Systems color Application, Foot Cream & Cuticle Oil


Shape, Cuticle C are, Gel Application, Cuticle Oil


Removal, Shape, Buff, Cuticle Oil


Soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Polish

            $45 - $50

Foot soak, Shape, Cuticle care, Callus removal,
Cream, Polish

               $60 - $70

Shape, Cuticle care, Gel Application, Cuticle Oil


Akzentz Gel System
Magic Gel System



One of the best gel system in the world. Using this system we can create longer, healthier and durable nails. We can also create amazing nails using your natural length with a lot of colors to choose from as well as french design.

Odourless. All of our gels are odour free meaning they are healthier for you and your environment.

Natural. Akzentz products and gels will leave your nails looking beautiful and feeling natural. Our wide variety of colours maintain clarity and do not discolour or lose their high gloss shine.

Durable. Akzentz gels are self-levelling and easy to use while delivering the durability clients demand.

Diverse. We carry a comprehensive line of gels, products and colours that allow you to expand your services to new heights and unleash your creativity.

Luxio and Akzentz gels

New Set




The Benefits

  • Long and strong nails

  • Lightweight gel nail tips

  • An easier and quicker removal process

  • Safer and healthier than acrylic nails


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