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Teaching Your Kids Good Manners

  • 3Days
  • 13Steps
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Why Teach Good Manners? Let’s face it, good manners are important—they demonstrate respect for others. Manners are simply unwritten rules of conduct that make the world a more pleasant place. Eating a meal with someone who chews loudly with his mouth open is disgusting. Sitting through a flight to Chicago with an eight-year old kicking the back of your seat the entire way is misery. We all want to live in a society where people are polite and respectful of others. We all want our children to make a good impression, whether it’s over the phone or in an introduction. Think about this: teaching your children proper table manners now could pay off during that crucial job interview twenty years from now, which just happens to conclude with lunch. Good manners are good for your kids, and might even give them an advantage in life.




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