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During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin (hair follicles) that produce hairs. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth.

What is laser hair removal benefits?
Laser hair removal guarantees that every single hair is removed at the follicle, so there's literally a 0% chance for ingrown hairs. This is another factor that contributes to no itchy and irritated skin after hair removal.

Should I laser my pubic hair?
Just like waxing, laser is also very safe to remove the unwanted pubic hair. Because the laser doesn't penetrate deeper than your hair follicles it has no risks when it comes to the private parts. The treatment is usually performed at every 5-6 weekly intervals, to capture your hair at their specific growing stage.

Why do people love laser hair removal?
It is a more long-term solution to reducing body hair.

Laser hair removal isn't considered permanent, but it still has lasting effects. It reduces the number of unwanted hairs in the targeted area and when the hair does grow back, there's less of it and it's finer and lighter.

The (810nm) laser diode delivered by our Laser Hair Removal Device is both direct and concentrated, penetrating deeper into the hair follicle to permanently disable the growth function. This more concentrated treatment delivers lasting results. 93% of users were left with no hair root residue, as hair was removed at the root.

Top up treatments for IPL are usually required every 6 to 8 weeks, while laser hair removal offers a permanent hair removal solution. If you do experience new hair growth as a result of hair cycles or hormonal changes, treat the concern area as and when needed.

Pre-Treatment Preparation for Laser Hair Removal
   We need your skin aux natural when you come in for treatment!

That means no makeup, oils, retinoids etc. and it is very important to stay out of the sun and away from tanning beds or lotions prior to your treatments. You’ll have plenty of time to tan when you’re silky smooth!

   You will need to shave 24 hours or less before your appointment but waxing, plucking or any other form of temporary hair removal should be avoided.

Who is laser hair removal suitable for?
Our Laser Hair Removal Device is designed to work on naturally light brown to black hair. Lighter colours such as white, blonde, red or grey will NOT absorb enough of the laser’s energy to disable the hair follicle.

Suitable skin tones range from type I to IV on the Fitzpatrick scale. If your skin tone is NOT listed on the compatibility chart, then you may risk burns, scarring or discolouration from the laser energy absorbing the melanin pigment in your skin.


What areas do we treat?

This device is suitable for use on the legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, feet, hands, chest, back, stomach and women’s facial hair (cheek line downward).

Not suitable for use on men's face, jaw or neck due to increase in hair density.

What does laser hair removal feel like?
Laser technology works by dispersing heat along a metal plate underneath the treatment window—maintaining the low temperature

Ice Cooling Technology provides a comfortable experience, relieving any discomfort that may be felt through heat sensitivity.

There also shouldn’t be any smell from burning hair, as you will have already shaved before your laser session.

How often should I do Laser Hair Removal?

Week 1 to 3: 2 times per week

Week 4 to 12: 1 time per week

Week 12+: if still required, 1 time bi-weekly until you achieve your desired results.

   New growth can vary from person to person due to thicker body hair, hormone changes and hair cycles. If you do see new growth after completing the course, complete additional sessions as and when you notice new hair growth.

   Depending on your hair growth, you may only need 'top up' sessions once per year.


Price List

Upper Lip, Chin &    Sideburns

One Session $75

Three Sessions $205


One Session $45

Three Sessions 125

Belly Button

One Session $35

Three Sessions $95

Hands & Fingers

One Session $45

Three Sessions $125

Feet & Toes

One Session $45

Three Sessions $125


One Session $50

Three Sessions $135

Lower Arms

One Session $55

Three Sessions $150

Upper Arms

One Session $60

Three Sessions $165


One Session $50

Three Sessions $135

Upper back

One Session $90

Three Sessions $245

lower back

One Session $75

Three Sessions $205


One Session $75

Three Sessions $205


One Session $80

Three Sessions $220

upper legs

One Session $95

Three Sessions $260

lower legs

One Session $75

Three Sessions $210

full arms

One Session $105

Three Sessions $295

full legs

One Session $155

Three Sessions $425

full back

One Session $150

Three Sessions $415

bikini line

One Session $50

Three Sessions $135


One Session $60

Three Sessions $165

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